Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 2009 - Father Damien

Father Damien was the famous pastor who visited Molokai when it was a leper colony.

Recent news has come that Father Damien is set to be canonized by the Catholic Church in October of this year.

Instead of a documentary, we watched a rendition based on the true story. Molokai: The Story of Father Damien

"He went there (to Hawaii) knowing that he could never return," The Rev. Alfred Bell, who spearheaded Damien's canonization cause, told Vatican Radio. "He suffered a lot, but he stayed."


February 2009 - Pig ®

Patent for a Pig

In February, the world famous author Jeffrey Smith came to the Big Island to give a presentation. In honor of his arrival, we invited the community to watch a TV investigation called "Patent for a Pig."

Jeffrey Smith is one of the main characters in this show, and in a mere 45 minutes does an excellent job of explaining the dangers of GMOs. Additional interviewees (one formerly from Monsanto) uncover the "bottom line" attitude at the top and the deliberate disregard for safety checks before marketing.

A large part of the story follows a Swedish pig farmer as he alerts his fellow farmers to the latest threat from Monsanto's throne: patenting genes in pigs. Monsanto has taken motions towards patenting genes that allow pigs to produce more meat. At the end of the movie we find out with absolute certainty (through multiple DNA lab results) that this gene already exists in nature.

"It sounds too crazy to be true," was the first thought that entered my mind. I'm rethinking that attitude, however, as I stand in amazement of Monsanto's $11 billion/year empire, armed headquarters, and literally the best army of lawyers money can buy. Who knows what's possible.

I personally asked Jeffrey Smith about any developments in patenting pigs at the Q&A. He hasn't heard any updates.

January 2009 - Vaccines Safe?

Vaccine Nation was the showing this month.
I wasn't there for the showing, but can comment on the movie.
This documentary follows a few cases of parents who have noticed what seem to be extreme bodily and mental reactions in their kids immediately after they were given vaccinations.

A subplot to this story is a man falsely imprisoned for Shaken Baby Syndrome, and the amazing amount of work and research he did in prison exposing the risks involved with vaccines. Very eye opening, and definitely a controversial debate.

December 2008 - It's a Wonderful Life

In the spirit of Christmas, and the opening of the Pahoa Urgent Care Facility, the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" rocked our small theater.
With the help of the community, merchants and businesses donated raffle gifts, matched contributions, and we were able to raise a hefty love offering to the new clinic.
It was quite a feast of feasts with music, food, chai, and cookies.

All around a great night for the whole town.
There was only one disappointment: I was the only one who didn't win a raffle prize.

November 2008 - Electronic Voting

Stealing America: Vote by Vote

This was one of the many great documentaries covering the issue of electronic voting. The narrative covers the issue that all Americans need to face, regardless of left/right/liberal.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monopoly Men, Money as Debt

Great showing last night. We had planned on watching a documentary on racism and segregation, but instead we reacted to the "bailout" that happened this week.

It is really hard to follow and certainly harder to explain what exactly is going on with the housing bubble, the economic collapse, and an impending depression. Words like stagflation, fractional reserve banking, derivative leveraging, Ponzi scheme, T-notes, and others are thrown around in financial circles. It's easier to just let the "experts" deal with this and tell us what's happening, but I don't trusting any "Fox News finance analyst" or anyone from the mainstream.

We watched (video link) Monopoly Men, which is from the Phenomenon series. One of the key speakers in the movie also made my favorite documentary ever, The Money Masters. Although Monopoly Men takes on a slant of a detective story in a very questionable "eerie" atmosphere, the facts were all there. That was a great way to start our night, the history behind it all. Then we moved on to the current crisis and how money works nowadays.

Next we listened to an 8 minute clip from Alex Jones show on 10-02-2008; a tipping point of financial America, the day before the "bailout" was signed. His name is Peter Schiff, here's a good video featuring this guy.

(You can look up the speech I showed you guys, it's on hour 4 of the Alex Jones Show, start about 6:30 and it goes for about an hour. Here's a link to the torrent.)

Then we saw a movie called (video link) Money as Debt, which is a Flash animation going over the 9:1 ratio of money allowed to be created per deposited. A little hard to follow at times, I've watched this at least 3 times and tend to get more and more out of it. Money as Debt website.

till next time.
over and out

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

911 Mysteries

I've skipped a few months, but this last Film & Justice night was worth noting. We had planned to show a 911 documentary disputing the official story of the demoli... err.. collapse of the buildings on September 11th, 2001.
Turns out we were able to show "911 Mysteries" on 9.11.2008.
The discussion was interesting, as we paused the movie at different intervals to review the "debunking" side. 911mysteriesguide.com is a source that goes over, minute by minute, the flaws and mistakes in logic it sees in the film. It was great to see both sides.
Thanks to all the showed and made the trip from Hilo.
I just read a really interesting article on the new official story of how building 7 fell. It's a brand new phenomenon called "thermal expansion" says the NIST. NIST claims that the collapse of Building 7 is “The first known instance of fire causing the total collapse of a tall building”.
Guess we're just learning new stuff about physics every day.